Furuno NMEA2000 SCX-20 Satellite Compass For TXT3 Models.


Brand: Furuno
SKU: IMD031520AA

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Measuring 25cm x 19cm x 7cm, the Furuno SCX-20 Satellite Compass utilises four separate GNSS Antennas for the ultimate in responsiveness and sets a new standard for reliable and accurate heading for all of your marine electronics. Traditionally, a Satellite Compass calculates heading using one baseline between two antennas but the SCX-20's four antennas can calculate heading information using any one of the six baselines drawn between the four antennas.The unprecedented quad-antenna design of the SCX-20 calculates extremely accurate heading, pitch, roll, and heave information. The Furuno SCX-20 Satellite Compass acts as an ideal heading sensor for radar, autopilots and AIS. The compass provides a wide range of navigational data, including GNSS position, SOG, and COG. For the full SCX-20 brochure click here.

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