GME MT600G 406 MHz Manual Activation EPIRB with GPS.


Brand: GME

This is the EPIRB you must have on your boat for your offshore safety gear. A PLB is just for the individual person. With a 10 year battery life, the GME MT600G EPIRB is a culmination of three years extensive R & D by GME and dramatically slashes the cost of GPS equipped 406 MHz EPIRB ownership. The GME MT600G 406 MHz digital EPIRB is manually activated and is the latest exciting extension of GME’s growing family of innovative safety products. The 16 Channel parallel GPS receiver with top mounted Quad helix antenna will enable location accuracy to better than 100 metres typically. (Note: An EPIRB can only be sent by road freight so please do not select express on checkout. It can also ONLY be sent within Australia so no overseas orders please as you need to purchase a model locally.)

An auxiliary homing transmitter is also included in the MT600G which enables suitably equipped Search and Rescue parties to home in on the distress beacon.

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