Lowrance Outboard Hydraulic Auto Pilot pack - P/N 000-15952-001.

Our price includes the autopilot computer, hydraulic pump, heading and GPS sensor, hydraulic fitting kit and auto/standby button.

Brand: Lowrance
SKU: 000-15952-001

The Lowrance Autopilot for outboards with hydraulic steering is available for HDS Gen2 and Gen3 units and is designed for all single outboard boats up to 30ft in length. It provides automatic steering for hydraulic-steer outboard motors. It’s an extra pair of hands when you need it, the Outboard Pilot, features Lowrance SmartSteer control from your HDS Gen2 or Gen3 and will steer to a heading, waypoint or route. It comes with everything you need to connect with your existing hydraulic system - including t-connectors, hoses and oil. Steer your outboard motor to a heading, waypoint, route or cursor, with control from your HDS Gen2 or HDS Gen3 display. It has one touch route creation from saved trails and you can repeat your path with automatic turn patterns. Its an easy setup with no complex terminal wiring.

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