How to choose the right boat for you

How do you get the most out of your boat? Make sure you buy the one that fits you best

Boats are designed with specific activities in mind, so the safety features, interior layout and hull performance can vary widely across models. To choose the right style, think about what you would like to use it for. Are you interested in water skiing, fishing or going for overnight cruises? 

Most boats fall approximately into the following three categories, so think about what you want to be doing most of the time and use that as the basis for your decision. 

The type of fishing you want to do will affect the size and style of boat you buy. The type of fishing you want to do will affect the size and style of boat you buy. 

Boats built for fishing will have a task-oriented space that is easily washed down and well-protected, to make fishing easier. The extra room needed for this space may mean sacrificing some of the interior comforts and sleek style features of cruising vessels.

 - Offshore fishing

Offshore fishing takes place in deeper water, often in pursuit of trophy fish such as blue marlin and yellowfin tuna. Because these kinds of fish are harder to reel in, and conditions in deeper water can be rougher, you will need a boat that is more robust.

Comfort, safety and stability are also key features, making boats like Cruise Craft popular with fishing enthusiasts. The layout and design features of these boats are geared specifically toward this sport. 

Larger boats with cabin protection are better for the open ocean if you plan on regularly taking your vessel out in moderate to rough conditions. 

 - Inshore fishing

Inshore fishing takes place in shallow, calm waters such as estuaries, lakes and rivers. This means that the requirements for boats are less stringent and boats can be small and simple in design, such as Quintrex runabouts.


If you plan on spending most of your time on the water wakeboarding, skiing or dabbling in other watersports, look for the relevant features in your boat purchase.

You will want to consider a boat that has a dedicated towing point, for example. Other aspects can be specific to the sport. A minimal amount of wake is ideal for water skiers, while wakeboarders or wake surfers will need to generate bigger wakes in order to have more fun. Meanwhile, features such as a swim platform can add that extra element of fun while you and your family or friends are out on the water. 


These boats are designed primarily for travelling and entertaining in comfort. Features like seating and drink holders are essential for relaxing sunset cruises, while materials used in the interior can be important for aesthetic reasons. 

When making your purchase, you should think about how many people you would like to take onboard, as the size of your boat is rated in terms of maximum adult capacity. If boating is a social experience for you, consider choosing a boat with enough space for all of your family and friends. 

The size of boat you will need also depends on whether you plan on longer overnight expeditions or shorter excursions.

 - Day cruising

If you plan on spending most of your time out on the water on day cruises with family and friends, you will need a boat that has more seating space, good viewing areas and open communication. If you're not spending many nights out on the water, you probably won't need to go up to a cabin model. An open-style runabout or bowrider, such as a Glastron, would probably be sufficient.

 - Overnight cruising

For overnight adventures, you will need a cabin cruiser. These boats include a galley, toilet and sleeping areas. 

If you're not sure which boat would suit you best, come in and talk to our friendly team. We will help guide you through the buying process so you leave with 'the one'.

April 24, 2017 by Jon Hunt
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