Furuno DRS4D-NXT 24" Dome Radar For TZT3 Models.


Brand: Furuno
SKU: IMD03456000

Sitting just 9" high and 24" Diameter the DRS4D-NXT radar is a Solid-State Radar utilizing Doppler technology to ensure the safest navigation. The NXT features Target Analyzer, Fast Target Tracking and Auto Target Acquire function to offer optimal detection and sensitivity of hazardous objects. Combined with RezBoost technology, the NXT Radar has no equal in spotting and tracking targets moving around your vessel efficiently with a high resolution. Targets that are approaching your vessel automatically change colour to help you identify potentially dangerous targets. Green echoes are targets that stay stationary, or are moving away from you, while red echoes are hazardous targets that are moving towards your vessel. Echoes dynamically change colors as targets approach, or get farther away from your vessel.

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